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Specifications and Brochures

Regenerative Air System Regenerative Air System® The Most Efficient Way to Sweep
Service School Service School Over 30 Classes Scheduled per Year
BlueLogic Control System BlueLogic Control System Multiplex Electronics
Model 210h Sweeper Model 210h® Parking Lot
Model 210 Sweeper Model 210® Parking Lot
Model 435 Sweeper Model 435® Parking Lot, Airport, Industrial
Model 500x Sweeper Model 500x® Street, Airport, CNG Option
Model 600 Sweeper Model 600® Street, Airport, Industrial, CNG Option
Model DST-4 Sweeper Model DST-4® Street, Airport, Industrial
Model DST-6 Sweeper Model DST-6® Street, Airport, Industrial
Model HSP Sweeper Model HSP® Airport, CNG Option


Model 210®

Model 435®

Model 600®

Model DST-4®

Model DST-6®

Model HSP®