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History of TYMCO Sweepers

Roots and History: Over 50 Years of Sweeping Innovation

TYMCO®, a family owned and day-to-day managed company, dominates a market traditionally controlled by corporate conglomerates. TYMCO first introduced and perfected the Regenerative Air Sweeper that is the standard by which all air sweepers are measured today.

The first air sweeper was actually developed to meet a need in the road construction industry by the late Mr. B.W. Young of Young Brothers Construction Company of Waco, Texas. A self-educated road contractor, Mr. Young developed numerous pieces of equipment for the road construction industry. His patented Regenerative Air Street Sweeper was developed in response to the demands of yet another of his inventions — a truck mounted process of resealing asphalt roads with a layer of emulsified asphalt and sand called “Slurry Seal”. “Slurry Seal”, which seals and repairs broken pavement and restores the appearance of old asphalt, requires a clean surface to effectively bond with the existing asphalt. Conventional broom sweepers, which swept the dirt and debris into cracks in the roadway thus preventing the sealing process were costly to maintain and not effective in totally cleaning the road surface.

Mr. Young’s revolutionary concept started with the idea to use a large portable air compressor to blast the roadway surface clean. Since the surface had to remain clean after being blasted with air, Mr. Young developed the idea of a Regenerative Air System that captured the dirt and debris in a hopper and reused only centrifugally cleaned air to restart the closed loop Regenerative Air sweeping cycle.

Mr. Young’s excitement grew with the success of his Regenerative Air System. Realizing the positive environmental effect of Regenerative Air Sweeping, Mr. Young envisioned multiple applications for improving the existing technology of cleaning streets and paved areas. His vision changed the sweeper market forever.

In the late 1960s, the three Young brothers split up to form three separate companies. Mr. F.M. Young retained the family construction business, Mr. R.T. Young formed Slurry Seal International and Mr. B.W. Young incorporated and federally registered TYMCO — The Young Manufacturing COmpany.

The TYMCO Regenerative Air Sweeper quickly set a new standard for sweepers in cleaning roads and runways. In the early years of market development, TYMCO sweepers were sold by salespeople who simply traveled around the country demonstrating them on city streets and on large parking lots for curious contractors and public officials looking for a sweeper with better environmental performance and less downtime.

When the need for a smaller sweeper became evident, Mr. Young developed the parking lot size TYMCO Model 300®. Within the first two years of its introduction, it became the most accepted parking lot sweeper on the market. Later, the Model 210® was developed and it was the first TYMCO to feature a hydraulically operated high dump with a 60 inch reach for dumping into garbage dumpsters, reducing dump time and increasing productivity.


From those small beginnings, TYMCO now has an international network of dealers with representatives on every major continent. TYMCO employs more than 150 people in a state-of-the-art, 125,000+ square foot facility in Waco, Texas. By continuously upgrading our manufacturing process with the latest technology, TYMCO maximizes output while minimizing overhead, which translates to economically priced equipment for you.

TYMCO is still a family-owned and managed business. When Mr. Young passed away in June of 1973, Mrs. Sophie Young, his wife, became the president. Today, sons Kenneth and Gary continue B.W. Young’s original vision of developing and producing quality equipment which cleans and improves our environment through simple efficient design. This family approach has enabled TYMCO to dominate the market against much larger but impersonal, less responsive corporations.

TYMCO has continued to expand and perfect the Regenerative Air Sweeper. Numerous patents and product improvements have been developed by TYMCO engineering over the past 50 years. Today our models range from the powerful street cleaning 600®, dustless DST-6®, high speed airport runway HSP®, high-dumping 500x®, midsized 435®, dustless DST-4® and parking lot 210® and 210h. Each model can be equipped with an array of options to meet each customer’s unique sweeping applications and requirements.