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Why Buy a TYMCO Sweeper?

A Better Bottom Line

When looking at total cost of ownership, it’s clear that our parking lot, street, airport and industrial sweeper models are priced competitively. For starters, every TYMCO model is built with less moving parts than mechanical and vacuum parking lot sweepers. For you, that translates into less downtime and more productivity. You might miss seeing your service technician as often—but you won’t miss seeing your dollars disappear. Overall, TYMCO owners tell us that their regenerative air sweepers last longer, require less maintenance, and in the long run, end up costing less than other sweepers. And when you consider parts prices on mechanical sweepers, TYMCO sweepers are downright inexpensive.

Help? No problem.

If you ever need assistance, you’ll be glad you have a TYMCO. In addition to free service technician training available numerous times a year, TYMCO has over 60 dealer locations throughout the United States and dozens worldwide with service technicians onsite who can provide you service and support you need.

Lean and Mean

Throughout the design process, our engineers are driven to do more with less. In the beginning, doing more with less was purely to satisfy our desire to keep things as simple as possible, but now also leads to a smaller environmental footprint. Our designs also help to optimize the useful life of our sweepers, minimize the use of water for dust control and reduce fuel consumption.

Model 435 Sweeper

100% TYMCO

From our model 210h to our 600 and HSP, all are built by TYMCO, the same company that invented the Regenerative Air System. So of course they work together seamlessly—they’re designed together. This means a TYMCO is the only sweeper on the market to fully take advantage of everything the Regenerative Air System has to offer – the cleanest sweep, the lowest maintenance and the best bottom line.

Clear and Simple

A TYMCO is designed to get work done. From the beginning, it was built with the simplest approach to design in order to keep it out of the shop and on the job. When Mr. B.W. Young first invented the TYMCO Regenerative Air Sweeper, he was using it to clean up on his road construction jobs, and typically he was nowhere near a shop. He was in the field, which meant his sweeper had to be very dependable and easy to repair.

Model 210h Sweeper