How The Regenerative Air System Works

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Regenerative Air Sweeper Diagram

The closed-loop Regenerative Air System uses the force of a high velocity controlled jet of Air created by the powerful blower wheel.

This jet of air blasts down and across the pick-up head onto the pavement and into the cracks forcing up into the air stream packed-on heavy debris as well as fine dust particles.

The debris-laden air stream is pulled into the large hopper, where the air loses velocity and the larger debris falls to the bottom. A screen at the top of the hopper prevents items such as leaves, paper, cans, and rocks from leaving the hopper and entering the centrifugal dust separator.

The patented centrifugal dust separator spins the air along the curved wall of the chamber until the micron-size dust particles are skimmed off into the hopper. Only clean air is returned to the blower to start the Regenerative Air cycle again. This closed-loop system means no dirty air is exhausted into the environment only to settle on the surface again.

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