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Source: TYMCO, Inc.
Published: April 1st, 2011

Streamlined Sweeper Packaging for Conventional Truck Chassis

WACO, Texas—April 1, 2011—TYMCO® today offers COMDEX®, a TYMCO Model 600® package for the International® DuraStar® conventional truck chassis that allows TYMCO owners to have all the extra water and storage capacity of having their Model 600 mounted on a cabover truck without giving up the advantages of a conventional truck. COMDEX (Compact Design Extra Water) delivers 330 gallon water capacity, operator friendly ergonomics, easier engine accessibility and serviceability, a curbside storage box, excellent maneuverability and improved visibility.

“COMDEX is a great package for the Model 600, adding additional functionality to our conventional truck,” said Bobby Johnson, TYMCO’s Vice President, Marketing. “COMDEX gives TYMCO owners more while remaining sensitive to price.”

Conventional trucks provide easier cab accessibility and more space in-cab than most cabover trucks available in the North American market today. They also provide better engine serviceability by simultaneously allowing access to the cab while the engine compartment is open. By increasing the space from the back of the cab to the Model 600 auxiliary engine, COMDEX has improved auxiliary engine accessibility and serviceability that existing TYMCO owners with cabover trucks have come to love. Along the top of the extra 110 gallons of water, there is a work platform providing space for service technicians and operators to more comfortably perform routine service and daily checks on the auxiliary engine. COMDEX also includes a conveniently located curbside storage box.

Currently based on the International DuraStar, COMDEX offers Model 600 owners a better curb-to-curb and wall-to-wall turning radius than most other cabover trucks available today. With a slightly longer wheelbase, COMDEX is positioned to deliver the best wall-to-wall turning radius over any other truck mounted air sweeper in its class. In fact, the only truck mounted air sweeper that provides better maneuverability than COMDEX is TYMCO’s standard Model 600 packaging which is also based on the International DuraStar.

COMDEX also delivers best-in-class front and rear visibility that existing TYMCO owners with cabover trucks expect. Since the inherent design of the Model 600 does not use shrouds that hinder accessibility to the auxiliary engine, TYMCO has also increased rear visibility on the driver and passenger sides by opening up space behind the rear window. The International DuraStar has comparable, and in some cases, better front visibility than most cabover trucks available.


Continuing TYMCO’s dedication to designing and engineering environmentally responsible sweepers, COMDEX is manufactured with recyclable polypropylene water tanks and steel that is finished with low VOC acrylic urethane paint along with numerous powder coated components.


COMDEX is available today worldwide through the TYMCO Dealer Network in two configurations – the International DuraStar with the MaxxForce® 7 engine or MaxxForce DT engine. With regard to the truck chassis, domestic customers requiring 2010 US EPA emissions as well as international customers requiring 2004 or 1998 US EPA emissions can order their Model 600 with the COMDEX package.

TYMCO is committed to continue developing sweepers on truck chassis that provide the best experience for TYMCO owners, service technicians and operators. Per request, TYMCO will engineer COMDEX packaging for alternative truck chassis that seamlessly integrate with the Model 600. TYMCO Engineering chose the International DuraStar as its preferred chassis for the COMDEX package because of its tight turning radius and shorter overall length with 2010 US EPA emission requirements.


TYMCO modernized street sweeping in the 1960s with the invention of the Regenerative Air System and Model 600, reinvented parking lot sweeping in the 1970s with the Model 210 and delivered high speed Foreign Object Debris (FOD) removal with the Model HSP airport runway sweeper in the 1980s. TYMCO also pioneered environmentally conscious dustless sweeping with its Model DST-6 and Model DST-4, and leads the clean alternative fuels market with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) powered sweepers. Today, TYMCO continues its dedication to the Regenerative Air System by driving innovation with the highly maneuverable Model 435 and high dump Model 500x street sweepers, and has recently introduced the hDrive Power System for the Model 210h parking lot sweeper which is defining the future of sweeper power systems.

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