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TYMCO Announces Full Availability of Interim Tier 4 Model 500x

Source: TYMCO, Inc.
Published: October 14th, 2013

Offers Improved Service Technician and Operator Experience

WACO, Texas—October 14, 2013—TYMCO® today announces full availability of Interim Tier 4 (iT4) auxiliary engines for the Model 500x High Side Dump Regenerative Air Street Sweeper. For the past several years, the Model 500x has been powered by a John Deere Tier 3 auxiliary engine. John Deere iT4 engines in the horsepower class required by the Model 500x have recently become available and TYMCO is now offering full availability of the 115 hp Interim Tier 4 engine.

“Interim Tier 4 engine standards required us to review how we were designing and organizing components to make sure we would meet iT4 engine requirements,” said Bobby Johnson, TYMCO – Vice President, Marketing. “This evaluation process presented us the opportunity to make significant enhancements to the Model 500x that positively affect both operators and service technicians.”

In order to accommodate iT4 auxiliary engine requirements, TYMCO redesigned the engine compartment and in the process, engineered a very service-friendly compartment. This compartment allows for a larger hydraulic oil cooler combined with several other hydraulic system modifications that have improved overall hydraulic performance in extreme applications. A new high performance Donaldson PowerCore air filter assembly with integrated pre-cleaner delivering increased service life of the engine air filter has also been added. Wire and hose routing was also modified to increase protection from the elements, increase overall service access and present a cleaner overall look. All of the wiring connections have also been located together and are easily accessible from the compartment top cover.

Regarding operator experience, a new simplified control panel with a high resolution color display has been added. The new control panel eliminates several switches by combining functionality on the same switch – presenting the operator with a cleaner control panel. The control panel’s display delivers on-board diagnostics for the TYMCO BlueLogic® Control System and the auxiliary engine’s ECU (Engine Control Unit) allowing service technicians to troubleshoot the entire sweeper from the control panel inside the truck cab. The high resolution display offers multiple quick-glance status dashboards for the sweeper and auxiliary engine. Some of these status dashboards include sweeper functionality, engine functionality, lifetime and trip hour meters, sweeper and engine service interval hour meters as well as service reminders.


Interim Tier 4 is the engine emission classification nomenclature used by the US EPA for off-road engines such as the auxiliary engine used in the Model 500x. Interim Tier 4 engines can also be referred to as iT4 or Tier 4i engines. Interim Tier 4 engines are not to be confused with Tier 4 Final engines. Tier 4 Final engines are not required by the US EPA until year 2015. Interim Tier 4 standards offer lower particulate matter (PM) and Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions. In order to meet Interim Tier 4 standards, the 115 hp John Deere iT4 engine requires a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), but does not require Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) [also known as Urea / AdBlue].

Regarding sound reduction, as compared to the Tier 3 Model 500x, the iT4 Model 500x delivers an average sound power reduction exceeding 3.6 dbA and maximum sound power reduction exceeding 5.4 dbA. These tests were conducted in accordance with the SAE policy of sound testing equipment at normal operating conditions.


The iT4 Model 500x is available today in the United States and Canada through the TYMCO Dealer Network on two conventional truck chassis – the International DuraStar or the Freightliner M2, both with 2010 US EPA Emissions. TYMCO has been providing the iT4 Model 500x on a limited basis since the John Deere engine has become available and is now moving to full availability.

About the 500x

The Model 500x is built using the highly efficient, time-tested TYMCO Regenerative Air System that delivers rock-solid reliability and an amazingly clean sweep. TYMCO took the best of the Model 600® – unprecedented reliability and incredible power – and added the industry’s highest dumping hopper and state-of-the-art BlueLogic Control System to build the most advanced high side dump street sweeper available today.


TYMCO modernized street sweeping in the 1960s with the invention of the Regenerative Air System and Model 600, reinvented parking lot sweeping in the 1970s with the Model 210 and delivered high speed Foreign Object Debris (FOD) removal with the Model HSP airport runway sweeper in the 1980s. TYMCO also pioneered environmentally conscious dustless sweeping with its Model DST-6 and Model DST-4, and leads the clean alternative fuels market with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) powered sweepers. Today, TYMCO continues its dedication to the Regenerative Air System by driving innovation with the highly maneuverable Model 435 and high dump Model 500x street sweepers, and has recently introduced the hDrive Power System for the Model 210h which is defining the future of sweeper power systems.

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