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Street Sweeping 101

Source: Stormwater
Author: Roger C. Sutherland
Published: January/February 2011 Issue

Using street sweepers to improve water and air quality Since its inception in the early 1900s, mechanized street sweeping has been used to remove what might be termed “cosmetic” or “political” debris from roadways and other paved surfaces. Conventional wisdom has always dictated that if a street looked clean, it was clean. Today however, this […]

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Cities Discover that Street Sweeping Offers Plenty of Opportunities to Help Environment

Published: November 8th, 2010

On land, sea, and air, the humble job of street sweeping is becoming environmentally “cool.” As the cumbersome sweepers lumber along city roadways, their effect on the environment is clearly moving into the green zone. The machines are quieter. They run more efficiently. Their role in keeping waterways and shorelines cleaner is becoming more obvious. […]

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Air Brushing for a Cleaner Sweep

Source: StarTribune
Author: Laurie Blake
Published: April 13th, 2009

After decades of spring street-cleaning with mechanical sweepers that remove pebbles and sand, metro-area cities are slowly acquiring “air” sweepers that pick up fine dust, too. Research shows that metals, phosphorous and other pollutants ride with finer particles into lakes, ponds and streams when it rains. And because cleaner streets mean cleaner water, cities such […]

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Lake Tahoe: New Road Sweepers Promise to Reduce Fine Sediments

Author: Annie Flanzraich
Published: March 27th, 2008

Hidden in the cracks of the road, they are barely visible to the average driver – except as a plume of dust coming off a high-speed vehicle. Fine sediments, fine particles. Whatever the name, these minute pieces (smaller than a human hair) are the culprit for Lake Tahoe’s decreasing clarity, according to numerous scientific studies. […]

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Toronto1 - TYMCO Sweepers

Clean Sweep – Toronto

Author: Andrew Topf
Published: March 2008

Toronto’s air will be much cleaner thanks to a new street sweeping program recently implemented by Canada’s largest city. Conventional mechanical street sweepers use a system of gutter brooms and main broom to sweep the dust and debris that typically accumulates on city streets and in gutters. While some of the material is collected by […]

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Clean-roads-fig21 - TYMCO Sweepers

Clean Roads – Toronto Clean Roads to Clean Air

Authors: Dr. Christopher Morgan, Senior Air Quality Scientist, and Vesna Stevanovic-Briatico, Transportation Coordinator, City of Toronto, Ontario; Presenters, 2007 APWA Congress
Published: September 2007

In brief The City of Toronto’s “Clean Roads to Clean Air” initiative was conceived as a potential means of cleaning the city’s air of a citywide and year-round health-based problem linked to “invisible” fine particulate matter1 which is particulate matter less than 10 microns aerodynamic diameter (PM10) which includes particulates less than 2.5 microns aerodynamic […]

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Saying “Yes” to Sweeping

Author: Allan Heydorn
Published: October 23rd, 2006

The Parsons Group demands quality from workers to provide quality for customers. If you don’t do the work you say you’re going to do, I’m going to come and get your job. It’s as simple as that,” says William Parsons, co-owner with brother Dan of The Parsons Group. “If you want to keep your sweeping […]

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P-sanant1 - TYMCO Sweepers

San Antonio, Texas – Cleaning San Antonio

Source: Public Works
Published: December 1996

An Environmental System that Works The Clean Water Act of 1972, passed by Congress and amended by the Water Quality Act of 1987, established requirements, policy measures, and standards to be regulated and enforced by the EPA The EPA later established regulatory components under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). Permit requirements for storm […]

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No More Dusty Trails.

Published: August 1995

In today’s environmentally conscious society, TYMCO manufactures sweepers that do a lot more than just pick up street litter. Drive through Tyler, Texas and you’ll notice that the city has, well, a rather rosy appearance. It’s not only because this colorful, flower-laden U.S. town is pegged “the rose capital of the world.” Tyler’s street maintenance […]

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Airports-dealing-with-fod - TYMCO Sweepers

Airports – Dealing with FOD

Published: August 1995

The Dreaded Menace to Jet Aircraft As PT Jones, Senior Director of Maintenance Operation, surveys the runways and flight lines around Elsinore Airframe Services, Inc., there is a definite seriousness in his voice as he talks about foreign object damage (FOD) and the aircraft that frequent the Waco, Texas, maintenance and modification center. Jones is […]

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