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Street and Road Maintenance Sweeping

Street and Road Maintenance

Over a century ago, street sweeping was only performed by municipalities that had an “above and beyond” drive to maintain aesthetic and safety goals as well as to remove large amounts of filth and garbage lining downtown city streets. Cities that relied on tourism didn’t want to be viewed as a dirty city that would turn people off from coming back. Also, any debris on the road surface from nails to rocks could potential cause a flat tire to an automobile or bicycle or get thrown up by a car’s tire and break a window, or worse hit a pedestrian.

Today, it is known that routine street sweeping has so many more benefits beyond just aesthetics – keeping storm drainage systems clear, improving stormwater runoff quality and improving air quality among others. Providing the public with routine street sweeping services will undoubtedly achieve aesthetic and safety goals by keep city streets clean and clear of leaves, trash and other debris that could become a safety hazard to local automobile, bicycle and pedestrian traffic. However, providing routine street sweeping with TYMCO Regenerative Air Sweepers allow you to not only remove larger debris such as leaves, trash, gravel and rocks, but also will remove fine dirt and sand as well as ultrafine particulates out of all of the cracks and crevices throughout the imperfections in the paved surface.

Just like you, TYMCO wants clean air and clean water, and we understand that every municipality or organization has limited resources dedicated to sweeping services when there are so many other services that need attention. You’ll be glad to know that throughout our engineer’s design process, we incorporate as many features as possible that deliver a low total cost of ownership to TYMCO owners – fewer moving parts, doing more with less and using smaller, more fuel efficient auxiliary engines. Without a doubt, TYMCO Regenerative Air Sweepers deliver the cleanest, deepest, lowest total cost of ownership sweep, hands down.