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Noise Pollution and Environmental Noise

Parking Lot Sweepers

Model 210 Sweeper

There are a lot of parking areas that need to be swept and more times than not, it is a parking lot next to an apartment complex or a parking garage in between a school and condominiums. Some of these parking areas are located in densely populated parts of town that have neighbors that would prefer to keep as much excessive environmental noise to a minimum among the typical hustle and bustle of the city. Sweeping parking lots and garages located near areas with noise pollution restrictions are not a problem when your TYMCO Model 210® or Model 435® is equipped with Sound Reduction Engineering (SRE®).

SRE allows our Model 210 and Model 435 Regenerative Air Sweepers to work in areas where only truck chassis engine noise levels are desirable. These extraordinary sound reductions are accomplished through a radically redesigned blower never before used on TYMCO Regenerative Air Sweepers. SRE isolates various noise sources on the sweeper and addresses those areas though elimination or redesign. The chart below shows comparisons of a Model 210 with standard equipment to a Model 210 with Sound Reduction Engineering.

Noise Level Comparison Chart

The chart also shows noise level differences at heavy and normal sweeping. It is important to understand that noise is continually changing as a result of varying sweeper blower and auxiliary engine speeds as well as truck chassis speed. TYMCO feels the operator must understand this in order to better evaluate sweeper noise as it relates to sweeper work performance. The SRE equipped 210 under normal sweeping conditions has a noise level of approximately 67 dB(A). TYMCO Model 210 noise levels of 67 to 70 dB(A) have the effect of allowing you to hear primarily the truck chassis engine only.

With the introduction of the Model 210h®, it is important to point out how the TYMCO hDrive Power System has presented Model 210h owners a solution to noise pollution restrictions by offering inherent sound reductions as compared to both the Model 210 and the Model 210 SRE. Using a hydrostatic system to power the Model 210h, owners will realize a drastic reduction in ambient noise when sweeping at the 210h’s maximum operating speed.