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Model HSP Airport Runway Sweeper

Engineered specifically for superior control of Foreign Object Debris (FOD), TYMCO's Model HSP® (High Speed Performance) Airport Runway Sweeper puts the power of a 250 mph controlled jet of air in your operators' hands. ¬†Without the cost and upkeep of main brooms, elevators or vacuums, the Model HSP blasts into crevices for unsurpassed cleaning of even the smallest FOD while prying up the heaviest debris, all at a speed today's busy airports demand.

Because the Model HSP was designed around the TYMCO Regenerative Air System, it sweeps without the use of a main broom which can become entangled with tie downs and grounding straps commonly used on airfields.  In test after test, the Model HSP Airport Runway Sweeper consistently picks up 100% at 15 mph and can sweep up to 25 mph for faster cleanups. The Model HSP is the most economical airport runway sweeper to operate, bar none.