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Key Features

Pickup Head

Broom Assist Pick-Up Head

The TYMCO Model DST-6 pick-up head has a width of 87 inches and is equipped with a broom in the pick-up head for applications where a broom is desired. The fast rotation of the broom loosens packed-on debris and projects it into the Regenerative Air stream for effective cleaning. With in-cab controls that allow broom-assisted sweeping only when needed, the operator can lift the broom out of service for regular use of the powerful Regenerative Air system.



The Model DST-6 hopper is over 7.3 cubic yards in size with a useable capacity of over 6 cubic yards. Stationary hopper dumping system designed for safe, simple dumping and low maintenance. This eliminates dumping cylinders and hoist, hydraulic controlled door latch assemblies, additional hydraulic door opening cylinders, grease zerks, and safety concerns such as pinch points and overhead clearance issues.

Gutter Broom

Gutter Broom

Gets debris out of the curb/gutter with large 43" diameter gutter brooms with in-cab control.  Tilt gutter broom allows you to reach down into the deepest gutters. TYMCO's large 43" gutter broom design has a pressure-sensing sequence valve to automatically determine the digging pressure needed for different debris; therefore, customers get maximum broom bristle life and cleaning performance.

Dust Control

Dust Control

  • TYMCO incorporates a high efficiency multi-pass cylindrical centrifugal dust separator for maximum particulate separation and sweeping performance. Designed for easy clean out and maintenance.
  • On board 220 gallons of water for dust control around the gutter brooms and inside the hopper.  For below freezing conditions, the sweeper will continue sweeping dustless without using water.
  • The small amount of air that is diverted from the system to achieve the dustless effect is filtered through TYMCO’s patented DST system.  The DST system will filter 90% of the diverted air through a pre-cleaner and the remaining 10% is filtered using cartridge filters.  These filters are 99.999% efficient on cleaning 0.5 micron particulates.  That is 1/20 the size of a human hair!  The best part is that both the pre-cleaner and cartridge filters are washable, ensuring long service life.
  • The DST-6 can be used in wet or dry conditions because the combination of our centrifugal dust separator and pre-cleaner will spin out moisture before it sees the cartridge filters.
  • While sweeping, the cartridge filters are cleaned automatically by an intermittent air pulse which keeps the filters operational in most dusty applications.

Gutter Broom

Power Unit

The Model 600 sweeper is powered by a 99 horsepower John Deere auxiliary engine.  This engine powers all hydraulic functions through a gear driven pump and directly belt drives the blower wheel.

Auxiliary Hand Hose

Auxiliary Hand Hose

The Auxiliary Hand Hose is a powerful suction nozzle for hard to reach cleaning applications such as catch basins, sumps, fence lines, and around garbage containers. The optional hydraulic boom assist available on the DST-6 makes operation easier. From the stowed position in the back of the sweeper, the auxiliary hand hose quickly adapts the TYMCO sweeper into a powerful suction nozzle for hard to get to cleaning applications. The auxiliary hand hose is available in 8" diameter with multiple extensions.

Blower Wheel

We use a natural rubber coated aluminum blower wheel which we have found ti be abrasion resistant as well as reduces fuel consumption because of its lightweight design.



Cabover Truck

Peterbilt 220

Conventional Cab

Conventional Cab Truck

International 4300