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DST-6 Dustless Sweeper Design

Regenerative Air System

The TYMCO Model DST-6 is the industry’s first full sized chassis mounted dustless sweeper that is designed with a true Regenerative Air System.  True Regenerative Air uses an independent centrifugal dust separator to clean the air before it passes to the blower fan; coupled with a controlled jet of air directed through a blast orifice to dislodge debris from the paved surface.  The concentrated high velocity air is blasted into cracks and crevices removing dust particulates as well as larger debris.  All debris removed from the sweeping surface is directed up the heavy-duty hose into the hopper.

The TYMCO Model DST-6 is the only full sized dustless sweeper with a patented independent centrifugal dust separator that continuously cleans the air in the closed loop air system thus keeping the fines and dust inside the hopper.  True Regenerative Air means a TYMCO never exhaust polluted air into the atmosphere like other air and vacuum sweepers which are designed to continuously exhaust air.  In the patented DST system a small amount of air is diverted from the Regenerative Air System to achieve the dustless effect.  The DST system separates out the ultra-fines using a combination pre-cleaner and cartridge filters that clean the diverted air to 0.5 micron.  Once captured, these ultra-fines are completely contained in the DST system until sweeper cleanup so you can meet established regulatory disposal requirements for PM10 and PM2.5 debris.

The TYMCO Model DST-6 supports environmental sustainability programs through the removal of fine particulates and debris from the air and water by cleaning the paved areas of cities and industrial plants, our true Regenerative Air System combined with our patented DST system is the ultimate in cleaning efficiency.

Operator Friendly Design

  • Dustless operation is completely controlled from inside the cab by flipping a switch
  • Central mounted console with lighted paddle type switches that are grouped together by function for easy useability.
  • Stationary hopper insures safe, simple dumping with smooth discharge of debris using a raker bar.
  • The suction transition separates at chest height for easy cleaning; no climbing or bending down to access.
  • TYMCO's gutter brooms with a trailing arm design allow operators the ability to react quickly in an emergency situation without damage to the sweeper, because the gutter broom will retract when it encounters an immovable object.


The TYMCO Model DST-6 is designed for less maintenance.  This allows the machine to be sweeping, not in the shop for extensive maintenance required by other sweepers.  The Model DST-6 is built with fewer moving parts which means less downtime, more sweep time and longer life.

  • The DST-6 filtering system is washable with a standard garden hose.
  • The DST-6 is chassis mounted with easy access to all components.
  • The TYMCO Engineering department designs product improvements with emphasis on easy-to-install retrofit kits for our existing Model DST-6 customers.
  • Zero grease points on sweeper unit greatly reduces maintenance service and downtime.
  • The ability to service the auxiliary engine and hydraulics without raising the hopper.
  • Simple, safe raker-assist dumping system that eliminates unnecessary hydraulic cylinders and additional components.


  • Efficient Blower Design - Aluminum alloy blower with natural rubber coating and balanced for maximum wearability.  This design saves fuel, wear and tear.
  • The DST System allows air purging of the cartridge filters while sweeping to ensure maximum airflow through the filters.
  • TYMCO Regenerative Air Cleaned Streets are cleaner.  Concentrated air velocity forced into cracks and crevices cleans up the dust particulates as well as the larger debris.
  • A wider sweep pick-up head cleans wider paths than mechanical broom or vacuum sweepers.
  • More productivity with less moving parts the Model DST-6 will be on the job, NOT in the shop, thus maintaining sweeping schedules.
  • Large capacity hopper coupled with proper sized truck chassis ensures TYMCO customers a payload of up to 10,000 lbs.

Environmental Sustainability

  • AQMD Rule 1186 certified PM10 efficient
  • ETV Canada verified, tested by PAMI (Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute)
  • Protects natural resources - TYMCO's efficient Regenerative Air Design requires less water to control dust, thus saving thousands of gallons of city water.


The Service School at TYMCO, Inc. in Waco, Texas is provided free of charge to TYMCO customers and is great for both Service Technicians and Operators. As long as you own your TYMCO, you are more than welcome to attend as often as you like. There are more than 25 scheduled schools per year.

DST-6 Street Sweeper
DST-6 Street Sweeper
DST-6 Street Sweeper