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Operator Friendly & Productivity Options

  • Drop Down Gutter Brooms
    Allows for the gutter brooms to “drop down” in front of the pick-up head so the metal bristles can scrub extremely packed on material.  It also allows very tight sweeping of curb lines to minimize the amount of dust being kicked up before it is swept.
  • Variable Speed Gutter Brooms
    From inside the cab, the operator can control the speed of the gutter brooms.  This allows the operator to match the speed of the truck while sweeping to lessen the amount of dust being kicked up.
  • Gutter Broom Tilt
    Uses in-cab controls to adjust the gutter broom to the pitch of the surface being swept
  • Rear Mounted Back-Up Camera/Monitor System
    Cab mounted monitor allows the operator to view the area behind the sweeper when backing up.
  • Stainless Steel Hopper
    For maximum corrosion and salt spray resistance all interior hopper body sheet surfaces to be fabricated with low carbon, high chrome stainless steel.  The hopper weldment, hopper door, skimmer hood and hopper screen assemblies are included in these options.  Dust separator inlet scroll and door are not stainless steel.  Stainless steel bolt-on blower housing, and dust separator are also available.
  • Dual Steering
    Allows the Sweeper to be driven and operated from the right side (or passenger side) as well as the left side for easier and more efficient sweeping of the right hand gutter area.

For options not detailed, contact your TYMCO dealer.