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        • Lateral Airflow Nozzle (LAN)
          In situations where debris needs to be cleared from runways and taxiways as quickly as possible, the TYMCO Lateral Airflow Nozzle (LAN) allows the Model 600® operator to use a high velocity, controlled air blast to clear debris such as sand, snow and grass clippings off of paved surfaces back into greenspace.  The LAN diverts air from the blower to a nozzle mounted on the left hand side of the sweeper behind the truck cab.  The LAN opening can be adjusted and rotated 360 degrees for air blast positioning and switching from sweeping to the Lateral Airflow Nozzle is all controlled from within the cab.
        • Liquid Recovery System (LRS)
          The Liquid Recovery System (LRS) allows the Model 600 to be used for recovery of standing liquids such as glycol that can accumulate around aircraft on aprons or staging areas.  With increased environmental regulations on airports in regards to glycol entering stormwater runoff, airport administrators need to have a system in place for glycol recovery.  The TYMCO LRS allows the Model 600 to become even more versatile by making it a multipurpose machine – a machine for both sweeping and glycol recovery.  The LRS has a liquid level sensor with a light on the control panel that indicates when the sweeper is full of over 700 gallons of glycol or other deicing fluid.  The LRS assists in pumping off liquid that was recovered while leaving any solids such as sand in the hopper for dumping.  A pump is also available to facilitate removal of glycol to a suitable storage location or evacuation tanker for disposal.
        • Magnet Assembly
          The truck chassis mounted magnet assembly comes with in-cab controls for raising and lowering the magnet to the paved surface.  The magnet is self-cleaning and comes in standard duty and heavy duty gauss strengths for removal of lighter or heavier ferrous metals.

Auxiliary Hand Hose


  • Auxiliary Hand Hose
    The 10’ hand hose is 8” in diameter and comes with a 42” aluminum nozzle.  It is designed for cleaning in tight areas commonly found throughout cities and construction sites such as fence lines and around dumpsters and containers.  An additional 10’ hose is available with a quick coupler for even more versatile cleaning.
  • Auxiliary Hand Hose with Hydraulic Boom Assist
    The heavy duty 10’ hand hose is 8” in diameter and comes with a 42” aluminum nozzle.  The hydraulically powered boom for the heavy duty hose can be raised and lowered with a hand-held pendant.  Designed for cleaning storm drain catch basins as well as tight areas commonly found throughout cities, construction sites and industrial plants.  If deep catch basins need to be cleaned you can add up to 2 additional aluminum nozzles for storm drains over 126” deep.
  • Storm Drain Catch Basin Package
    The Storm Drain Catch Basin Package comes with all of the options and accessories needed to quickly and easily clean out catch basins as well as tight areas commonly found throughout cities, construction sites and industrial plants.  This package comes with the Heavy Duty Auxiliary Hand Hose with Hydraulic Boom Assist, Hi/Low Pressure Wash Down System, Wash Down System Hose Reel, Boom Assist Wireless Remote and 1 additional aluminum nozzle.  If deep catch basins need to be cleaned you can add up to 1 more aluminum nozzle for storm drains over 126” deep.


        Operator Friendly & Productivity


            • Broom Assist Pick-Up Head (BAH)
              The Model 600 may be equipped with the optional Broom Assist Head (BAH) for applications where a broom may be desired.  The BAH is controlled by the operator in the cab by a single switch allowing broom-assisted sweeping only when needed because the majority of debris is removed by the powerful TYMCO Regenerative Air System.  The large 12” diameter by 79” long broom is mounted at the rear of the BAH and is fully enclosed for optimum dust control and eliminating risk of “throwing” debris outside the sweep path.  The fast rotating BAH broom provides excellent performance by automatically applying as much pressure as needed to loosen heavy, packed-on debris and projecting it into the air blast for faster sweeping.

              The BAH offers independent suspension of each broom end which provides longer broom bristle life and reduces the broom “coning effect” relative to the surface being swept.  TYMCO’s simple design approach allows for BAH broom replacement in 30 minutes or less and without the need to remove the pick-up head.
        • Gutter Broom Tilt Adjuster – Left, Right or Twin
          The gutter broom tilt adjuster uses in-cab controls to adjust the gutter broom to the pitch of the surface being swept.  The deepest curbs or gutters along streets and highways are no challenge when your Model 600’s gutter brooms are equipped with tilt adjusters.
        • Hopper Deluge System
          The Hopper Deluge System is a high volume water system designed to expedite flushing of the hopper after sweeping.
        • Rear View Back-Up Camera and Display
          Cities streets and roads are full of cars, maintenance equipment, signs, light poles, trees and many other objects that need to be seen when backing up.  The rear view back-up camera with in-cab display allows the operator to view the area behind the Model 600 while backing up providing additional safety and peace-of-mind to both Model 600 operators and owners.
        • Stainless Steel Hopper
          For maximum corrosion and salt spray resistance, all hopper body sheets as well as the hopper screen are fabricated with low carbon, high chrome stainless steel.  Stainless steel bolt-on blower housing, dust separator and hopper drain are also available.
  • Hopper Drain System
    Allows the Model 600 to operate in wet conditions by draining excess water picked up while sweeping.
  • Hopper Load Indicators
    Sensor with audible and visual indicators in-cab that signals a full hopper load.
  • Variable Speed Gutter Brooms
    Allows the gutter broom speed to be controlled from inside the cab to adjust the broom speed to the type of debris being swept; for example, slowing the brooms down in extremely dusty environments to reduce the amount of ambient dust being kicked up.

Alternative Fuel


            • CNG
              In our continuing commitment to environmentally conscious sweeping, TYMCO offers a CNG (Compressed Natural Gas alternative fuel option for the Model 600. The Model 600 CNG option is available as a Dedicated Unit, where both the sweeper and the truck chassis are CNG powered.

For options not detailed, contact your TYMCO dealer.