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Key Features

Pickup Head

Broom Assist Pick-Up Head

The TYMCO Model 500x® is equipped with the Broom Assist Head (BAH) which incorporates full-width air blast and suction and is designed to work effortlessly with the TYMCO Regenerative Air System to pick up a wide variety of street debris from light trash and leaves to heavy dirt and gravel.  The BAH is controlled by the operator in the cab by a single switch allowing broom-assisted sweeping only when needed because the majority of debris is removed by the powerful TYMCO Regenerative Air System.  The large 12” diameter by 79” long broom is mounted at the rear of the BAH and is fully enclosed for optimum dust control and eliminating risk of “throwing” debris outside the sweep path.

The fast rotating BAH broom provides excellent  performance by automatically applying as

much pressure as needed to loosen heavy, packed-on debris and projecting it into the air

blast for faster sweeping.

The BAH offers independent suspension of each broom end which provides longer broom bristle life and reduces the broom “coning effect” relative to the surface being swept.  TYMCO’s simple design approach allows for BAH broom replacement in 30 minutes or less and without the need to remove the pick-up head.  The Model 500x pick-up head also comes standard with long-lasting Duo-Skids® which provide increased sweeping performance and longer wear.

Hopper and Chute


The Model 500x hopper capacity is over 5.7 cubic yards and ensures owners a payload of over 6000 lbs.  All 500x hopper body sheets as well as the hopper screen are fabricated with low carbon, high chrome stainless steel providing additional longevity and easier cleanout of the hopper.  A variable dump height from 2 feet to 11 feet allows dumping into various size and type containers.  The large hopper door allows easy dumping and is hydraulically and mechanically locked for an air and watertight seal.  The large stainless steel discharge chute project debris provides smooth discharge of debris into the middle of the dump container without the need of a hopper side shift.  The chute is designed to float 45 degrees upward, preventing major damage should it come in contact with the

debris container.

Hopper Lift Assembly

Lift Assembly

Has a 10,000 lb lift capacity.  All pivots on the lift are self-lubricating and never require greasing.  Integral counterbalance holding valves ensure controlled lowering of the lift assembly and serve as redundant safety locks.  Dual stabilizers automatically deploy before the dump cycle begins assuring unit stability throughout the dumping procedure.  The 500x is also integrated with the truck chassis transmission, only allowing dumping when the truck is in neutral with the parking break set.






        Gutter BroomGutter Broom


          The 43” diameter Model 500x gutter brooms remove debris from curbs, gutters and around obstacles along city streets such as parked cars and maintenance equipment.  An optional tilt adjuster allows you to reach down into the deepest curbs or gutters typically found throughout city industrial and residential streets.  The innovative gutter broom provides excellent performance by automatically determining the “digging” pressure needed for different debris;  therefore, owners get maximum gutter broom bristle life and sweeping performance.  If the gutter broom encounters  an immovable object, it

          will automatically retract to avoid potential damage and return to the original position once the

          immovable object has been passed, all without intervention from the operator.


Dust Control

Dust Control

      The Model 500x is the only street sweeper on the market with a high-efficiency centrifugal dust separator for maximum fine dust particulate separation which provides excellent dust control while using less water.  TYMCO’s engineers take several aspects into account when designing for better dust control such as water nozzle design and placement, not just adding more water like other street sweepers.  For example, if the operator has not engaged the blower, but the dust control system is on, the 500x “pauses” the dust control system until the operator engages the blower; therefore saving gallons of water that could have been wasted when the operator wasn’t sweeping.  The Model 500x

      has a water capacity of up to 350 gallons which provides hours of sweeping while maintaining

      excellent dust control.


Power UnitPower Unit

The Model 500x is powered by a 115 horsepower John Deere auxiliary engine.  This engine powers the blower and all hydraulic functions through a pair of tandem hydraulic pumps.  TYMCO’s engineers designed the Model 500x with a single speed auxiliary engine; therefore reducing wear on the engine and conserving fuel by maintaining a constant speed.




Blower Wheel

Blower Wheel

The Model 500x is the only high dump street sweeper that utilizes a super-efficient aluminum alloy blower that is self-cleaning and reduces fuel consumption because of its lightweight design requiring less horsepower.  The blower is designed to work with the TYMCO Regenerative Air System to both push and pull air which delivers even greater sweeping performance.  The Model 500x blower has a natural rubber coating that provides maximum wear against abrasive debris.




Conventional Truck

            International 4300 or Freightliner M2