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210h Parking Lot Sweeper Design

Regenerative Air System

True Regenerative Air.  The TYMCO Model 210h® is the only single engine parking lot sweeper on the market that is designed with a true Regenerative Air System. True Regenerative Air uses a high-efficiency multipass, cylindrical, centrifugal dust separator to clean the air before it passes to the blower coupled with a controlled jet of air directed through a blast orifice to dislodge debris from the paved surface. The concentrated high velocity air is blasted into cracks and crevices removing fine dust particulates as well as larger debris such as leaves, trash and gravel. All debris removed from the paved surface is directed up the heavy duty suction hose into the Model 210h’s large hopper.

Centrifugal Dust Separation.  The Model 210h is also the only single engine parking lot sweeper with a high-efficiency multipass, cylindrical, centrifugal dust separator that continuously cleans the air in the closed loop air system thus keeping the dust and fines inside the hopper without additional filters or baffles to clean or replace. True Regenerative Air means a TYMCO never exhausts polluted air into the atmosphere like other air and vacuum sweepers which are designed to continuously exhaust air..

hDrive® Power System

Ford Super Duty trucks offer the class-exclusive live-drive power takeoff (PTO) provision. Because it is integrated into the transmission’s design, integrating the TYMCO hDrive Power System with this PTO is a simpler, more robust design and requires fewer truck modifications than a belt-driven hydraulic system design. The live-drive PTO utilizes an output gear linked directly to the engine crankshaft that delivers power anytime the engine is running, whether you’re in motion or at a stop, which is perfect for an application like parking lot sweeping.

hDrive has also presented Model 210h owners a solution to noise pollution restrictions by offering inherent sound reductions as compared to the Model 210.

BlueLogic Control System

The Model 210h will also come standard with the TYMCO BlueLogic Control System. This system first introduced on the TYMCO Model 500x®, assists in troubleshooting by providing service technicians LED diagnostics for the sweeper. BlueLogic provides intelligent safety features such as raising the gutter broom when the sweeper is put in reverse and turning off the blower when you open the dump door as well as environmental features such as pausing the dust control system when the operator turns off the blower.

Operator Friendly and Low Maintenance

Easy Access to Components.  The Model 210h is chassis mounted with easy access to all components. The ability to service the hDrive Power System from ground level without raising the hopper greatly reduces routine maintenance time.

Works with You.  While sweeping, if the operator approaches bulky debris that cannot be swept, the Model 210h hydraulic dump door will automatically open first before the hopper lifts up to allow for easy disposal of bulky materials.

Easy to Upgrade.  The TYMCO Engineering Department designs product improvements and options with emphasis on easy-to-install retrofit kits for existing Model 210h owners.




The Service School at TYMCO in Waco, Texas is provided free of charge to TYMCO owners and is great for both Service Technicians and Operators. As long as you own your TYMCO, you are more than welcome to attend as often as you like. There are more than 30 scheduled schools per year.



Model 210h Street Sweeper