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TYMCO Alternative Fuel Powered Street Sweepers

TYMCO Model 600® CNG<br />Freightliner M2-112
TYMCO Model 600® CNG
Freightliner M2-112
TYMCO Model 600® CNG<br />Autocar Xpert
TYMCO Model 600® CNG
Autocar Xpert
TYMCO Model 500x® CNG<br />Freightliner M2-112
TYMCO Model 500x® CNG
Freightliner M2-112

Environmentally Superior Cleaning

With the ever growing need to address environmental concerns and to meet Federal, State and Municipal air quality requirements, there has been an increasing demand for fleets to add more low emission alternative-fuel vehicles (AFVs). TYMCO has been manufacturing alternative fuel sweepers since 1984. This experience, coupled with our well known reputation for reliability and productivity make TYMCO alternative fuel sweepers the smart choice. These California Air Resources Board (CARB) verified Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEV), when combined with our proven Regenerative Air System, offer the highest degree of cleaning power available on the market today; while at the same time maintaining and improving the environment.

TYMCO currently offers dedicated CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) for the Model 600, Model HSP, and Model 500x, which allows both the sweeper and the chassis engines to operate on alternative fuel, making them South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) Rule 1186.1 compliant.

Street sweepers must be maneuverable in order to get to those hard-to-reach areas. TYMCO utilizes alternative fuel powered chassis that are designed to provide maximum fuel capacity on the shortest wheelbase available. This is accomplished by utilizing a CNG fuel storage rack system that requires minimal additional wheelbase, resulting in the tightest turning radius possible.

The CNG fuel storage area is designed to be user friendly. Quick access for fueling, system shut-off valves and pressure reading make the operator's job easier and safer. The large capacity CNG fuel storage cylinders are enclosed for protection. The CNG fuel storage area is mounted in such a way as to allow for maximum sweeper operation. Utilizing the very latest advancements in technology, TYMCO alternative-fuel powered sweepers are specifically engineered to provide the highest degree of performance, safety, and simplicity.