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Sealy Council OKs Street Sweeper Lease-Purchase

The City of Sealy wants its streets to sparkle, and on Wednesday, approved its city manager to move forward with plans for a street sweeper lease-purchase agreement at $179,726.

The agreement with TYMCO to lease the regenerative air sweeper would span six years, coming out to roughly $30,789 a year, after a down payment is made. The city would own the equipment at the end of its lease.

“We budget $28 (thousand) to $30,000 every year for contracts so that the streets can be swept,” City Manager Chris Coffman explained to council members. “I think we can end up purchasing the necessary maintenance items that go along with it for less than that.”

Historically, the city has budgeted and contracted with a private company for street sweeping services.

The city budgeted $28,000 for the service this year, down from last year’s $30,000 budget.

“The contractor we had is not in business so we haven’t had our streets swept since May,” Coffman said. “This serves as a priority for me. I think we need to keep our streets clean. It provides for drainage. It provides for longer life of our streets and it also gives a good appearance when people come to town.”

Coffman inquired about street sweepers with TYMCO at a recent Texas Municipal League conference. Representatives with the company traveled to the city last month with two sweepers and held a demonstration with city staff.

The council’s approval allows Coffman to move forward with finance option negotiations. He said the city would more than likely have the sweeper within a month.

TYMCO employees would travel to Sealy to train staff on the equipment.

Coffman said city streets would be swept 12 to 18 times each year, with more runs when leaves fall off trees.

The sweeper, which has a stainless steel collection tank and John Deere diesel engine, is expected to last seven to 12 years, easily, one company official said.

Sealy Director of Public Works Larry Mayberry suggested the city would be able to do all its sweeping within a day.“We can do this once we own this whenever we need to,” Mayor Nick Tirey said. “I think this is very cost-prohibitive and this is streamlining what we need to do. I’m in favor of it.”