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Streamlined Sweeper Packaging for Conventional Truck Chassis


WACO, Texas—April 1, 2011—TYMCO® today offers COMDEX®, a TYMCO Model 600® package for the International® DuraStar® conventional truck chassis that allows TYMCO owners to have all the extra water and storage capacity of having their Model 600 mounted on a cabover truck without giving up the advantages of a conventional truck. COMDEX (Compact Design Extra Water) delivers 330 gallon water capacity, operator friendly ergonomics, easier engine accessibility and serviceability, a curbside storage box, excellent maneuverability and improved visibility.

>>> Click here to read the complete COMDEX Press Release.


TYMCO Introduces New Model 210h with hDrive and BlueLogic

True Regenerative Air Sweeping with Less Environmental Impact


WACO, Texas—February 2, 2011—TYMCO® today introduced the Model 210h™, a Model 210® Parking Lot Sweeper powered by the TYMCO hDrive™ Power System.  hDrive is an optimized hydraulic power system that gives Model 210h owners all the simplicity and low maintenance of sweeping without an auxiliary engine.  The Model 210h delivers everything Model 210 owners have come to love about the TYMCO Regenerative Air System – air sweeping with a dual chambered pick-up head delivering a powerful air blast to the paved surface and centrifugal dust separation for low
dust emissions.

>>> Click here to read the complete 210h Press Release.