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TYMCO Goes Drag Racing!

Sweeper Operator Bob Gibson (far right) picks up NHRA's new Model 210 at the TYMCO manufacturing facilities in Waco, Texas.
TYMCO's Model 210 at work on the race track at the Houston Raceway Park during a recent NHRA event in Houston, Texas.
TYMCO's Model 210 cleans debris on the track so drivers can safely speed down the strip.
The NHRA's new TYMCO Model 210 cleans up around the staging and start area at Houston Raceway Park.

The next time you're watching a National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) Drag Racing event, keep your eyes open for a new TYMCO Model 210 Regenerative Air Sweeper. You won't be seeing the TYMCO streaking down the drag strip at hundreds of miles an hour, but you can be sure that when it is out on the track, the Model 210 is performing a very important task. TYMCO, the inventor and world leader in Regenerative Air Sweeping, is proud to be the newest member of the NHRA "Safety Safari Team". The "Safety Safari" travels to every NHRA national event across the United States and is responsible for driver safety and rescue, as well as race track cleanup and maintenance during NHRA sanctioned events. During the racing action, the Safety Team is staged near the starting area and is in continuous radio contact with race officials, on call to respond within a moments notice to any emergency or cleanup problem which might arise.

In addition to ensuring that the race track is free of debris and water prior to racing, the primary purpose of the sweeper during race days is to pickup the oil absorbent material which is spread onto the track following a blown engine or an accident; all the while, keeping dust to a minimum. The oil absorbent used by the NHRA is a finely ground powder made from crushed rice hulls. Add to this, the fact that no water can be used while sweeping the track during the races and you have a very challenging sweeping application. The Safety Safari Team is required to perform their jobs very quickly while under pressure by television coverage to get on and off the track as fast as possible. Their new TYMCO sweeper gives them the reliability, performance and efficiency to do just that.

According to Bob Gibson, the sweeper operator on the "Safety Safari Team;" before purchasing the TYMCO, the NHRA had been using a vacuum type sweeper with which they had been experiencing dust and water control problems, mainly due to the sweeper exhausting dust and water out from the top of the machine, sometimes back onto the race spectators. In October 2001 TYMCO was invited to demonstrate the Model 210 for the NHRA at the Texas MotorPlex race in Ennis, Texas. The sweeper performed flawlessly and the NHRA was sold. However, one problem remained.

General Motors Corporation (GMC) is the "Official Truck of the NHRA," and a fleet of GMC trucks are used by the "Safety Safari Team" for a variety of purposes, including sweeping. As mentioned earlier, the Team travels to a total of 23 national races a year, and over the course of this will rack up between 40 to 50 thousand miles on the odometer. For comforts sake, an extended cab chassis was chosen to mount the sweeper on. As this is not one of the standard trucks normally utilized by TYMCO on which to mount sweepers, the TYMCO Engineering Department faced a challenge, with which they met with great success. Following a great deal of design work and some crucial fitting modifications, it all came together and the NHRA is very happy and satisfied with the end product. A magnet option was also installed on the sweeper at the suggestion of the race drivers to the NHRA. Mr. Gibson reported that this addition greatly aids the removal of potentially dangerous materials left on the track surface. In addition to this, according to Mr. Gibson, the sweeper is sometimes called upon to pickup excess rubber which has been intentionally or accidentally separated from the track surface. Mr. Gibson reports that this has proven to be no problem for the powerful Model 210.

Mr. Gibson added that, in addition to the on-track duties of the sweeper, he is sometimes called upon to cleanup in and around the pit area. He said, that standing water is quite often a problem, and that the TYMCO's ability to quickly pickup and remove liquids is a real plus; adding to the safety and comfort of the competitors, their crews and spectators alike.

TYMCO is very proud to be the sweeper of choice by the NHRA to fit their stringent safety requirements, and looks forward to a long and rewarding relationship with this great racing organization. To be chosen for this important responsibility, not because of price, but for our proven performance and quality, is a testimony to TYMCO's on going commitment to engineering and manufacturing excellence.