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No Challenge—or Sweep—is Too Big for the Mall of America

February 2011

The numbers alone are intimidating. Fifty-seven acres. Four million square feet of parking decks. Almost four miles of road surfaces. And all of this is in snowy Minnesota, to boot. Welcome to the Mall of America.

Street sweepers, property managers and others responsible for commercial pavement know that keeping their lots and sidewalks clear of trash and snow is a big job. At the famous Mall of America, the job is a super-sized one: think of your typical mall on steroids.

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TYMCO Introduces New Model 210h
with hDrive and BlueLogic

February 2011

WACO, Texas—February 2, 2011—TYMCO® today introduced the Model 210h™, a Model 210® Parking Lot Sweeper powered by the TYMCO hDrive™ Power System.  hDrive is an optimized hydraulic power system that gives Model 210h owners all the simplicity and low maintenance of sweeping without an auxiliary engine.

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Commercial Property Maintenance Emphasizes Dependability, Pride and Communication

January 2011

CPM's founder, Windell Brent, started into this field because of a property manager friend's lament that he couldn't "locate a company to provide maintenance that will show up two times in a row or call me back."

In the 23 years since then, Brent's Commercial Property Maintenance company has built a reputation for doing that and much more. CPM has grown from three employees, two lawn mowers and one old sweeper to thirty employees, eleven industrial sweepers and numerous other pieces of landscape and power washing equipment, trucks and trailers.

Cities Discover that Street Sweeping Offers Plenty of Opportunities to Help Environment

November 2010

TYMCO, based in Waco, Texas, produces the number one regenerative air sweeper in the world. The company’s website has an extensive environmental section that touts the benefits of its sweepers and their effects on the environment.

“Protecting the environment is critical to the sustainability of our planet and the conservation of precious natural resources. TYMCO recognizes its responsibility to that sustainability and continually strives to reduce the environmental impact of the sweepers we build and the work we do,” according to the company’s website.


Port Lavaca Council Purchases Sweeper

July 2, 2009

After three rounds of meetings disputing what kind of street sweeping machine to buy, the Port Lavaca City Council decided Monday to purchase the one the public works staff had championed from the start. The council and members of the city staff gathered about 1:30 p.m. at the corner of Sam Faubian and Nueces streets to hear sales pitches and view demonstrations from three street sweeping dealers. Most of the dirt previously scattered on the street was disposed of during the afternoon. Back at City Hall, the councilmen voted to buy a Tymco 600 regenerative air machine behind an International cab for $164,957. Tymco is a Waco firm and promised delivery within 30 days.


Air Brushing for a Cleaner Sweep

April 13, 2009

After decades of spring street-cleaning with mechanical sweepers that remove pebbles and sand, metro-area cities are slowly acquiring "air'' sweepers that pick up fine dust, too.  And because cleaner streets mean cleaner water, cities such as Plymouth, Eden Prairie, Eagan, Brooklyn Park, Minneapolis, White Bear Lake and others are spending extra money to buy or contract for the use of cleaners -- called "regenerative air" sweepers -- that rely on streams of air to pick up the fine dust particles other models leave behind.

Sealy Council OKs Street Sweeper Lease-Purchase

February 13, 2009

The City of Sealy wants its streets to sparkle, and on Wednesday, approved its city manager to move forward with plans for a street sweeper lease-purchase agreement.  The agreement with TYMCO to lease the regenerative air sweeper would span six years.  The city would own the equipment at the end of its lease.

Saying "Yes" to Sweeping

July 8, 2008

William and Dan Parsons, co-owners of The Parsons Group, have transformed a company that was once dedicated to grounds maintenance into a contract sweeping business that thrives on parking lot sweeping.  The Parsons Group’s efforts to help a paving contractor in a jam lead to the purchase of the TYMCO 500x and opened a whole new area of sweeping for the company.

Lake Tahoe: New Road Sweepers Promise to Reduce Fine Sediments

March 28, 2008

Hidden in the cracks of the road, they are barely visible to the average driver - except as a plume of dust coming off a high-speed vehicle.  Fine sediments, fine particles.  Whatever the name, these minute pieces (smaller than a human hair) are the culprit for Lake Tahoe's decreasing clarity, according to numerous scientific studies.  But some street sweeper manufacturers are working to stop the villain at its source, and collect fine particles off of roads before they have a chance to work their way into watersheds.