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Dirty Business in Monster Garage

TYMCO and the Discovery Channel team up to build the World's Fastest Sweeper!

At the recommendation of our customers, TYMCO was recently recruited for the Discovery Channel's popular TV program, "Monster Garage", where ordinary vehicles become extraordinary machines." Our mission was to assist in the design and building of the world's fastest street sweeper. TYMCO Engineer, Bobby Brock was invited by the producers of the show to become part of the Monster Car Team.

In case you're not familiar with the show, the object of the program is to take a passenger vehicle and turn it into something it was never intended to be. In this case, the project was to transform a Kyle Petty Sprint Dodge NASCAR racer into a street sweeper. TYMCO's Bobby Brock gathered together some sweeper parts, including a blower, pickup head and assorted gutter broom pieces and parts, and headed out to Petty Enterprises in Greensboro, NC. There, he was joined by the other members of the team and given $3000 and five days to complete the project.

Upon completion the monster car must appear to be stock. It is then taken out to be raced. In the case of the "Monster Sweeper," that meant a trip out to the Atlanta Motor Speedway along with a TYMCO Model 435 for a sweep-off. TYMCO's Georgia Dealer, Consolidated Disposal Systems, provided the Model 435 which performed flawlessly, although slightly slower then the Monster, which really did some high speed sweeping.